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Don’t believe a word you read here!  Do your own due diligence.  Make a few Google searches and you can confirm the facts here for yourself.  

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Russia is a cold, cold country, so it is ironic that they have become so famous for hot Russian brides.  What is even more surprising is how many American and European men seem to believe that the young Russian models on this agency and others are all scammers or fakes. 

They do not believe that the Russian bride photos are of women that are really looking to date or marry foreign men.

The truth is that these guys have not done their homework and they really do not believe that they will ever have a sexy Russian girlfriend.  Most of them have never seen let alone met half as many hot girls as we have on this site in Little Rock or Cleveland, and so they just assume it is all a scam without doing any research into exactly why the Russian singles revolution occurred.


It is really not shocking that so many very eligible Russia singles decide to sign up with mail order bride agencies, but this isn’t because there is anything wrong with Russian women.
Russian women are great.  They are very well educated and knowledgeable about the world.  Yes, they know that they will almost certainly have a better quality of life in Oregon, Ontario, or Australia than they would if they remain in the old USSR. 

The economics are simple and unavoidable.  In 2008 the average gross domestic product in was over $39,000 in Australia, about $40,000 in Canada, and around $48,000 in the United States.  The same year the number for Russia was $15,800, but that figure grossly misrepresents the real income of average Russians, because the distribution of wealth is so uneven in Russia.  The very wealthy oligarchs who control politics and the major industries take home the vast majority of that money and leave a relative pittance for the rest of the population. 

So, there is an economic component to the decision to why there are so many hot Russian brides signed up at international mail order brides agencies.  The truth is that the biggest problem for Russian women is Russian men and the biggest problem for Russian men is Russian vodka, way too much vodka.


Yes, it is an old cliché, but it is also true.  Russian men are unchallenged, yes unchallenged, as the heaviest drinkers on this planet and it is not even close.  Until recently scientist estimated that Russian men consumed a little more than15 liters of pure alcohol per year. 

That is enough booze for a damn fine college good keg party, about 1000 cans of regular beer.  That’s a lot of alcohol, but Finland and a couple of other countries were still close to Russia in terms of alcohol consumption.   

The problem for researchers was that this did not explain why alcohol poisoning is 120 times more common in Russia than in the European Union.  Russia also suffered from a lot more alcohol related deaths, particularly auto accidents and drowning, and sclerosis of the liver is common among men as young as their mid-thirties. 

Then these researchers realized that many Russian men also drink lots of very cheap industrial alcohol too.  These men are drinking cologne by the bottle and it was this cheap, foul tasting alcohol that the scientist had not figured in to their equations.  The best guess now is that Russian men might drink over twenty liters of alcohol each year – perhaps as much as thirty liters or 2000 cans of beer.     

The average life expectancy of Russian men in 2008 was only a little over 58 years old, and worse, many men start breaking down under the physical strains so much drinking as early as their mid-twenties and some are physical wrecks and emotional basket cases by their mid-thirties.

For the average Russian woman the real nightmare is that the booze often turns the sweet young man she fell in love with at college or work into a raging maniac three or four nights a week. Alcohol fueled domestic violence is an epidemic in Russia.  Hundreds of Russian women die each year in domestic violence incidents and tens of thousands more are injured.   In fact, alcohol fueled domestic violence is one of the primary factors that drive so many beautiful, intelligent hot Russian brides into signing up with international marriage agencies.

These young Russian models are real.  The Russian bride photos are real.  They are just looking for a better life and a man who will treat them with respect.   

If you find the right Russian girlfriend she will make you very happy, so if you understand the situation take a look at some of the ladies on our site.  Perhaps, you will find the great love of your life. 

Good Luck! 


Jan 08, 2010

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